Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pregnancy Dreams

I woke up yesterday morning at 5:25 and took a deep breath.

I tried to shake off the immense sadness I felt and go back to sleep, but no go. So I got up, got a drink, went to the bathroom and laid back in bed. Guillaume heard me upon re-entry (I'm not so stealthy at 7 months pregnant) and asked if everything was OK. I tried to reply with a quick, "Yep" but SOMEHOW it came out, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!'

(BTW, this is how I felt, hand to my heart--I can only WISH I looked this cute crying!)

Commence waterfalls of tears and bucket loads of snot and probably the nastiest ugly crying you've ever heard as I blubbered an account of the dream I'd just suffered through. I'm surprised he understood any of my gibberish through the snorts, sniffles and nose snarls that happened as I tried to deal with the fountains of mucus draining from my face. Please take note that I'm not a dainty crier as it is, but it's about 100 times worse when I've got pregnant sinuses. I wish I had a video of it to show everyone how much of a saint my husband can be, because he didn't once recoil in disgust even as I SOAKED his shirt in facial leakings for a full hour. Tears, snot, saliva.....the only thing missing from his shirt collection was my ear wax. If that had come out, I wouldn't blame him one bit for immediately requesting a dissolution of marriage citing incomprehensible grossness!

Anyhow, I'm sure that I'll share this dream one day, but for now I'm still trying to sort it out for myself. It was just SO VIVID, as most pregnancy dreams tend to be. I hope tonight I get a reprieve from the tears and dream about flying or winning the lottery or sleeping through the night. That would be an AMAZING dream to have right now!


  1. OH!!!! Where did you find this MOST ADORABLE PICTURE!!??

    I forgot to call you back to talk to you about this dream! I am so sorry sister!! If you are awake, call me! But hopefully you are asleep in happy dreamland!! :) I LOVE YOU!! SISTER!! And hope that you are able to sort out this dream soon!

    It's great to hear that Bill is there for you! Way to go, Bro!!

    Talk to you soon! So we can analyze this dream of yours together! ;)

  2. Oh Babe, how could I ever be upset about ear wax when we both know what a major offender I am on that level.

  3. Oh Lingi :( I'm sorry u had a dream like that :( I know what u mean about UGLY crying... It must be hereditary since I totally relate!!! I love u and hope ur doing better :) miss u mucho!

  4. sooo... where's the new blog post? are you only a bi-weekly blogger? have you joined the ZeitGeist Movement yet? DO IT! luvya.