Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Customized Luggage via Paint Pen

My family needed new luggage, and it's important to note that while I love simple black on most things, that love quickly evaporates when I'm at the airport baggage claim, sifting through EVERYONE ELSE'S black luggage on the carousel, trying to decipher which black bags are OUR black bags. But seeing as I am almost ALWAYS on a tight budget, I needed to go for affordable, which meant mass produced, standard black.

So, armed with a black Sharpie, a gold paint pen and inspiration from a wonderful graphic from Lewa's blogspot, I took to four $29.99 rolling duffel bags from Ross and made them easily recognizable. The Sharpie was used for plotting out the general design, as I was too lazy to search for a pencil or chalk. The gold paint pen really did all the work.

My four year old thinks they're awesome because he adores "wishing" dandelions.

I love the graphic (Thank you Lewa!) because:

#1 Its simple lines and circles meant I could actually freehand the design.
#2 Seeds blowing in the wind really seem like an appropriate theme for travel luggage.

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