Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goodwill Party - Earring Lamp

Ok, so I'm famously bad at taking "before" pictures, but here's the backside of a little votive holder I picked up at Goodwill for $1.50 on half off Saturday. I wanted to use it to decoratively display and store my collection of earrings I never have time or occasion to wear anymore.

And yet, I continue to buy them...*sigh*

I thought the mesh would be perfect to space out the earring hooks.

I added a little shot glass where the candle should go to hold my small studs.

As you can see, the glass fit perfectly and is really easy to remove when I want to sift through them to find a pair. Sadly, as a frenzied mom, I tend to use these more than the rest.

The little decorative elements of the original lamp were perfect for me to stash my few rings.

And, finally, you can see how the "shade" part turned out. I absolutely love this. Even though I don't get to get gussied up as much as before kids, seeing this in my vanity area makes me feel almost as if I DID get to wear them and I still get the sense of being a young, hot thing. :)

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