Thursday, June 4, 2009

My HUGE AMAZING Goodwill score!

Ok, so I know that I linked onto this party before, but what I scored today at The Goodwill (yes, I call it that, too! hehe) really needed to be posted on this party! Thanks so much, Thrifty Decor Chick for hosting it! In fact, I joined blogspot after a year of reading other people's blogs SOLELY for this party! LOL! What can I say? It spoke to me?? :)

Everything you're about to see was $1 or less each item. EVERYTHING. Yes, even the snowboard, solid wood desk and gliding rocker w/ottoman. (The PAIR was $1!!!) I kid you not, this was probably the best day I've EVER had at a thrift store! YAY!!!

My total? $53 for merchandise + $5 cash donation to the Goodwill= $58 out the door! With amazing deals such as these, I felt like I NEEDED to donate something more than the bags and boxes of stuff I'll be dropping off later this week!

This party not only reaffirmed that my passion for thrifting is not exclusive to me, it has given me so much inspiration for new projects! Thanks ladies! Keep posted for the before and after posts and guides for most all of these items! I'm so excited! Now where did I put that spray paint???

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