Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goodwill Party - Egg Basket, Candy Dish, Bread Box

A wire basket from Goodwill, grabbed for $0.69.

Just washed and filled with eggs, ready for scrambling!

A discolored brass-ish candy dish for $0.99 that I cleaned up and spray painted a creamy white.

These Dollar Tree birds ($1 each) were sprayed with the same creamy white and are perched on top of a rehabbed bread box awaiting some crumbs. (Thanks for the bird inspiration, Kimba!)

The box was $1.50 on half off Saturday and was a gross dark, gunky, glossy brown. Deconstruction, sanding, paint, reconstruction and a new knob transformed it to a this black and white beauty. I'm terrible at taking "before" pictures, but I vow to really make a better go of it from now on! :)


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